We are a unique foundry, casting parts in the hobby of  3-1/2″, 4-3/4″,  7-1/4″ and 7-1/2″ gauge railroading, as well as other castings. We strive to produce a line of castings and finished products no other supplier carries, and custom services at a fair price.

What’s new:

3/4 Scale – 1″ Scale Headlight kit


With our cast Mini Headlight kit you can use the, bezel ring, reflector and “O” rings from your Mini Mag flashlight, to build a highly customizable headlight. Our kit comes threaded to accept your flashlight’s front end components and include 1 or 2 super bright LED’s that run on 3 volts. The casting comes with number boards which can be easily opened up to illuminate your numbers or completely filed off to make a smooth round headlight. The options are entirely up to your needs. Back plate is included.

Specifications: 1 inch in diameter x 1-1/4″ tall x 1-1/4″ from bezel front to back. $50.00 each + S&H.


3/4″ Scale Working Couplers.










We believe these to be the only working 3/4″ scale coupler sold in the U.S.A. (and maybe across the pond, too)

 The pattern was cut on a CNC mill to the published Mini Rail Coupler Standards. Then we use 3 checking gauges to assure all couplers are compatible with those standards. 

The only thing you have to do is drill your king pin hole. We will mill the shank to your pocket sizes at no extra charge.

Specification: Shank .580 Wide X .650 Tall X 2″ long.  $55.00 per pair +S&H


We offer:

  • Raw aluminum castings for those who like to save money and finish it themselves. (machining required)

  • Casting kits, which are the raw castings, plus the hardware required to complete the kit. (machining required)

  • Finished castings, which are ready to be put into service. (NO machining required)

  • Custom single casting runs.

Check back often, we build new patterns for castings, regularly.


Have a project that needs a casting? Email us the details OR connect with us on Facebook or Hangouts.

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For questions or to place an order, visit the store or email us: fairweatherfoundry(at)gmail.com   note: replace the (at) with an @. IF you want to talk to us, our phone number is at the top of the home page.