We are a unique foundry casting parts in the hobby of  3-1/2″, 4-3/4″,  7-1/4″ and 7-1/2″ gauge  railroading as well as other castings. We strive to produce a line of castings no other supplier carries, and custom services at a fair price.

New Item

B&O Casting. 2nd Generation of original.

B&O Casting. 2nd Generation off original.

Cast Aluminum B&O Emblem. This is a second generation casting. Original emblem is from the B&O President’s Coach.

More information on the “Other Castings” page.


New for 2016: Our New Line of 3-1/2″ & 4-3/4″ Gauge castings and CNC machined items.

DSCN1206 36″ 3/4 Scale wheels. Check out the 3/4″ page for more details.

Check out the new video, in the 3/4″ page, of the 36″ wheels being made.


We offer:

  • Raw aluminum castings for those who like to save money and finish it themselves. (machining required)

  • Casting kits, which are the raw castings, plus the hardware required to complete the kit. (machining required)

  • Finished castings, which are ready to be put into service. (NO machining required)

  • Small production runs of a single casting.

Check back often, we build new patterns for castings, regularly.

New Item


1/8″ Scale, Cast Aluminum, Air Horn

Remote Switch Throw




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