Cast Aluminum Switch Throw. Redesigned from an older unit. Extended base and slightly shorter throw lever virtually eliminates lever breakage. Available as a completely machined, ready-to-install (RTI) unit or just castings, with or without hardware kits. The Maintenance Free hardware eliminates all “metal to metal” contact. Hi-Lube plastic used at the friction points eliminate the need for any lubrication and the stainless steel main shaft inhibits rust. Dimensions: 8-3/4″ L x 3-3/4″ W. From bottom of base to top of cam 1-1/2″. Bottom of base to bottom of rod arm 1-1/2″. Max arm travel = 2-3/4″. Main shaft can also be ordered in standard 3″ length or the extended 4″ long main shaft can accommodate your add on target.

Equipment required to finish the castings: a file, drill press, drills, taps, reamer for pivot pin press fit into lever and hardware (unless hardware kit is purchased). Hardware kit includes 1/4-20 set screws and 10-32 brass screw, taps not included.

Standard hardware kit contains: 5/16″ Stainless steel main shaft, 1/4″ lever pivot pin, two 1/4-20 set screws, brass 10-32 machine screw and plastic cam bushing and steel lower rod arm.

The Maintenance Free hardware kit includes: all the above plus 3 Hi-Lube pieces: pivot bushing, main shaft bushing and lower washer.

Watch a short video of the Switch Throw’s smooth, positive locking motion.

Switch Throw in Action

Below is a link to a .pdf file for the complete instructions on how to machine the switch throw.

Machining the Switch Throw