DSCN10801-1/2″ Scale Air Horn. Cast Aluminum. $16.50 + S&H. This one spent about 15 minutes in the lathe to get the bell polished up. ( all castings shipped unfinished )

DSCN1084 3-1/4″ Long. 1-3/16″ Diaphragm end diameter. 1-3/8″ Trumpet end diameter. 1-3/4″ CL to CL base mount locations. 9/16″ Front mount base diameter. 3/4″ Rear base diameter. All castings shipped un-machined. Customer responsible for drilling and tapping mounting holes, if needed and any finishing work.

DSCN1079The original resin horn is setting on the piece of tree bark. A finished casting with match lines removed and the inside of the bell polished is closest to the original. The other three horns are untouched as they come out of the mold with only the gates removed.