Introducing:      3/4″ Scale, Working Couplers

Pattern was made to the Mini-Rail Standards on a CNC mill.

These working couplers arrive to you ready to install.  You can cut the solid shank to length if needed and drill for your coupler pocket king pin size.

Shank size = .650 high x .590 wide.  We can mill the shank size down to your requirements upon request, with no delay in delivery.

Sold in pairs @ $55. per pair + S&H

3% PayPal service fees apply is that service is used.

 3/4″ Scale, Finished  Riding Flat Car       Only $449.95 + S&Hflatcar-0

Featuring our Fully CNC’d 3/4 Scale Barber trucks and constructed from 3/4″ pine, this riding car arrives ready to roll. Measures 8″ wide X 40″ long and comes with our cast link and pin couplers as standard equipment or upgrade to our working couplers. Painted, stained or clear finishes are available. Options such as a padded seat covered with vinyl upholstery provides extra comfort.  

Custom built options are available and reasonably priced.

Email us to place your order. Delivery 6 – 8 weeks. PayPal  service fees apply, if that service is used.



  Fully CNC’d, 3/4 Scale, Barber Trucks for 3-1/2″ Gauge

Scaled down from actual Barber trucks sitting at a local rail siding.

Anodized and ready for assembly and springs.

Anodized and ready for assembly and springs.

Bearing installed and ready for wheels and axle sets.

Bearing installed and ready for wheels and axle sets.

3/4 Scale Barber Trucks

The ONLY Fully CNC’d, 3-1/2″ gauge, Barber Truck. 6160 Billet Aluminum, Full Ball Bearing , lightly press fit into side frames and simple to replace if ever needed. Axles are fully CNC’d from Prehardened 4140 and has an exclusive NO BIND geometry, which allows the bearings to be lightly pressed into the side frames and still flex well over the IBLS standard 1/8″ travel and finished with a Type 2, Class 2, Black Anodize.  Springs are custom CNC wound just for these trucks specifications and are designed to keep all wheels engaged regardless of load. Bolster and Bolster Bearing are protected against typical pivot wear by 2 high lube pivot bars, making minimal friction and long service a priority along with a great price.

Sold in pairs, these trucks arrive ready to bolt to your project and will provide years of service with very minimal attention.

Email us to place your order for 3/4″ Scale Barber Trucks for $275.95 + S&H.

Note: PayPal fees apply, if that service is used.

Check out the video of the truck’s flexibility.

Check out the two videos of these trucks being made.

 “Little Mac”


A 3-1/2″ Gauge electric switcher kit. This unit was inspired by the original full size Mighty Mack yard engine. All metal construction. Chassis fabricated from CNC laser cut 1/4″ plate steel, utilizing an interlocking design and welded together. The shell is a seven piece, 1/4″ wall, cast aluminum kit. A 24 Volt, 100 Watt motor driven by a Dimension Engineering SyRen 10 Amp controller with #25 chain to both axles provides excellent tractive force. Kit arrives with chassis unpainted and RTR. The shell arrives as rough castings, requiring filing, fitting, assemble and painting to your road colors. (radio controlled version pictured)

NOTE: Two, 12 volt, 5 Ah batteries can be included if kit is picked up locally. We do not have the license to ship batteries; however, numerous scooter websites can ship batteries right to you.

Kit includes: Cast Aluminum coupler pockets, pole pockets and one set of link and pin couplers with links (2 couplers and 2 links with 2, 3/16″ pins.) Custom super bright LED,  working headlight available for radio controlled versions only and at additional cost.

Radio control unit is supplied by customer or can be supplied at cost and installed at no additional charge.

Working coupler upgrade available at a small additional cost.

Customer must supply wood for buffer beams.

(painting services are not available)

Base Price $799.00 Plus Shipping & Handling*

*PayPal service fees apply if used.

8 to 12 weeks delivery time.

Email us to place order.


Fully CNC’d 36″,  3/4″ Scale Wheels.


Specs: 1018 Steel.

2-1/4″ Tread Diameter x 7/16″ Thick x .312 Axle Bore. IBLS Tread Profile. Once machined, then tumbled and Black Nitride coated. (not black oxide, which will rust and rub off.)

ONLY Sold in sets of 4.

Two options:

Plain steel wheels right off the lathe with no coating @ $55.00 per set + S&H

OR the same steel wheel with Black Nitride Coating. 4 @ $62.00 + S&H (PayPal fees applied if using that service.)

We did our best to keep the price as low as possible. The difference in original price and current price was due to the coating process. Originally black oxide was going to be the finish choice: however, the ease at which the oxide finish could be removed just by rubbing it with a finger was not the kind of quality we wanted to give to our customers. So the Nitride finish was chosen. Black Nitride is the finish of choice for numerous weapons manufactures.

We thank you in advance for understanding.

Below is a video of the 3/4″ Steel Wheels being born.