Introducing:  BEEP


A 1″ Scale, 4-3/4″ Gauge, All metal, Locomotive Switcher kit.  $1600 +S&H

Features a Cast Aluminum Shell which requires assembly and painting. A CNC Laser Cut, 1/4″ Steel Chassis, which comes to you, unpainted and ready to run. A 24 volt, 250 watt motor with a Dimension Engineering, SyRen 25 Amp controller.  Specifications: 2400 RPM, 24 volt 250 watt motor. Weighs 51 Lbs. stock. Dimensions:  20.5″ long over sills. 7″ wide. 9-3/4″ high at roof peak. 3″ diameter wheels at flange. IBLS standards for gauge, wheel geometry and coupler’s height. Suspension: Fully Sprung / CNC wound springs over journal boxes. Maintenance free, high lube polymer bearings throughout. #25 chain and sprocket drive line. Kit includes 2 of our exclusive, cast aluminum air horns.

To place your order, email us: fairweatherfoundry(at)  (replace the (at) with an @)

Free R/C installation.*

Lights not included.  4 to 6 weeks lead time for delivery.

Check out the video of Beep’s first flawless run below.

Check out other videos of Beep’s initial run on our Facebook page.